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Indicates and describes the features of the U.S. spyplane, seems to be at its certain positive aspects, and discusses the plane's undertaking

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A AFB in the course of 1977 includes the Lockheed "Skunk Works" emblem at the tail. A U-2R (68·10338) of the ninth Strategic Reconnaissance Wing deployed to RAF Mildenhall in the course of 1977. A TR-1 A/U·2R of DET 2/ ninth SRW on deployment to Osan Air Base, South Korea. DET 2 keeps one TR·1A/U·2R at Osan on a rotating foundation. An total Ught grey WU·2A (56·6696) of the 4080th SRW assigned to the excessive Altitude Sampllng software (HASP) In Auatralla in the course of 1963. A CIA U·2B configured for digital lnteffigence {EUNT) miasiona in the course of the mld·1960s. A normal steel U·2A (56·6701 ) of the 6512th try out staff at Edward• AFB, California through the past due Nineteen Fifties. An total Flat Black U·2F (56·6707) of the 4060th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing detach· ment at working Locatlon·20, Bien Hoa Air Base, Vietnam in the course of 1965. ThlsU·20 (56-6722) asslgnedtoProjectHICAT,carriesaWhltePolarBellrandRedKangaroo markings from lta deployments to Alatlka and Australia throughout the earty 1960s.. Thia U·2A l. a. pelnt9<1 with White photo-tracking markings on tM undersides of th• wlnga. a few U·2 - • palnt9<1 In thla demeanour to lncreaae vlalblllty to floor monitoring etatlona dur1ng vwloua teat mlHlona. (LAC) Thie mild gray over Flat Bleck U·2A It prepar9<1 for flow at Edward• Air strength BaM in the course of 111&2 fastened on• apec:lallydnlgned trenapon doly. Th• floor handffngdolly91m· pllfled circulate of th• U·2 at the flooring, alnc• the alrcreft didn't taxi wel. (USAF vim AndrewsI .. Ii ---~Id,,~~~ ........... • :. ~ A U·2A (5&. e721 I following conversion to the U·2D configuretlon carrlea claalifted aenaota at the higher fuaelage and In th• Q·Bay, with a apeclal eiectTonk:a fairing juat vlalble in the back of the aecond cockpit. The whereas nwi! *atlog L. oc9tlon (OL) 20 - Blen HoeAB, South Vietnam. The 4080th SRW deployed e detectlrnent of U· 2a to OL·20 within the Spring of 1964 und« tM cocle identify Operwtlon DRAGON woman. (1ooth SRW) for SIGINT/ COMINT mlallon• finish en 8lr refueling recepl8c:le on th• ahead section of th• Thia U·2Cof tM a hundredth SRW et Devla·MonthenAFB In March of 1975 ls oneof slxelrcraftthat W9f9 r•palnted th• two-tone grey " Seber Scheme" camouflage et the request of th• British executive sooner than ! Mir deployment to EngHah beMa. (Roth) Thia "Seber ScMm8" U·2C (56-6692) carried apec:llll aenaora ea pert of the Pave Onyx software to watch Soviet radar emlaslona whereas ftytng over pleasant airspace. The fairing at the trelllng fringe of the starboard wing Is a Radar Hornll19 and caution (RHAW) antenna. (LAC) canoe. SIGINT finish COMINT mlaaloM concerned lnterc. ptlon of North Vletnemeae and Viet Cong redlc> slgnela finish communlc:etlona site visitors. ( 1OOth SRWJ • U-2R through early 1966 the variety of closing U-2s within the inventories of either lhe CIA and US Air strength have been considerably lowered via strive against losses and atlrition. To make up for 1hese losses the security division, performing for either the CIA and Air strength, provided Lockheed a developmenl/production contracl for one prototype and twelve creation plane in August of 1966.

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